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Current Renewed Status Up to 16 February, 2015

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Nepal Nursing Council has been established to mobilize the nursing service of the Kingdom of Nepal in a systematic and scientific manner having made it efficient and also to provide for registration of the name of the nurses according to their qualification.
No person other than a registered nursing professional (Nurse, ANM, Midwifery) shall be entitled to carry on nursing profession directly or indirectly.
Therefore Nepal Nursing Council requests all nursing professionals to get their name registered with this council prior to commence the profession.
The provision on name registration and renewal of name registration is briefly given below:

Name registration A Nursing professional having minimum qualification as prescribed and desirous of carrying on nursing profession shall be required to file an application to the council as prescribed for registration of his/her name in the registration -book.

Documents to be enclosed: The following documents are required to attach with the application:

For Nurse
For A.N.M.
For Foreign Nurse

Validity of Registration Certificate The registration certification issued by this council shall remain valid for six years from the data of registration of name.
Provided t hat the registration certificate issued by this council shall remain valid for a period of one year in the case of foreign nurse

Renewal of Name Registration: For renewal of name registration of a registered nursing professional, an application along with the charges as stated below is to be filed before the Council within thirty five days from the date of expiry of the registration certificate.
In the case a renewal is not caused to be made within the time limit prescribed above, an application may be filed stating the causes for failure to make renewal before the Council upon payment of the additional NRs25/-,within sixty days from the data of expiry of the limit.
Name of the nursing professional not making renewal within the time limit as stipulated shall be removed from the registration book.

Documents to be enclosed

-- Name registration certificate
-- PP size photograph 3-copy
-- At least six-month~s work experience certificate as a nursing professional ,or
An evidence of participating training or seminar/workshop or like this of at least one week’s duration, or
An evidence of further studies on the subject related to nursing, or
An evidence of having worked in nursing sector in a recognized government or non-government or semi-government or private organization for a period of twenty or more then twenty years for a person who is qualified to register as a nursing professional
-- Voucher having deposited NRs/- 600 six hundred Rupees for nurse and NRs. 400/- four hundred Rupees for ANM with Rastriya Banijya Bank Branch office, Maharajgunj in the name of Nepal Nursing Council on the current account No 1158

Punishment: A person who carries on nursing professional without getting his/her name registered with Nepal Nursing Council shall be punished with a fine not exceeding three thousand Rupees or with imprisonment up to six month or with both .
Besides, one who commits an act contrary to this Act or Rules made three under shall be punished with a fine up to two thousand Rupees.